My Love for Traveling.

Every single one of us has that one thing that we love. Some might love some people. Some for food and some loves Traveling. We’ll for me, it’s traveling. I’m Sofia Nicole de Asis (B. July 17, 1994) raised in Bacolod City Philippines and yes I am 21 years old. A few years back then when I was young we used to go to the beach take long road trips with the family and my uncle. I hate long trips back then because it was tiring, you get bored and worst; a lot of vomiting inside the car. But as I grew up as a teenager we gave a “time out” for the road trips and travel to concentrate more on education and life support for the family.  But then, there’s this one happening when I have to go to Manila and the only way to get there was to travel by land. Ohh gezzz after years of staying in one place I get to travel on my own islands away from home. I traveled for one island to another from Bacolod, Ilo-ilo to Capiz, Caticlan, Romblon, Masbate, Batangas and finally Manila. It was a 24 hour travel and for 24 hours I was amazed by the beauty of the Philippine Islands. At  the age of 14, it was my very first travel. Then until that time I got attached with wandering around. Until now I’m still traveling only taken my passion to the next level and I can’t wait to share this wonderful amazing stories floating inside my head.


4 thoughts on “My Love for Traveling.

  1. I love the abstract of your journey Ms. Sofia 🙂 may Gob bless you and your family as always. Which I admired you for being such an independent person and for exploring your country, I wish I could also travel the world.:)

    is looking forward to read more of your inspiring stories! 🙂


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