Serenity Minutes Away From Home.

The city life sometimes can be really draining and the only way to fill up your soul is to wander around the wilderness. Melba’s Farm resort a place where tranquility is found minutes away from the urban noise. One of Talisay City’s best kept secret they say. Well it is indeed a secret place ready to startle your eyes with it’s amazing city view. Melba’s farm was one of my favorite place as a kid. Well, probably the place where I grew up and discovered my love for adventure. Breaking the question most of you will ask: How near is it from the city? Yes, very near and no one yet has probably notice 30-45 mins away from Bacolod City for private vehicles and for public transportation it’s 20 mins plus an estimated hike of 45 mins or if you are lucky you can rent a tricycle for 50 pesos per head going to the farm. Entrance fee is 50php and if you are planning to stay for an overnight or a swim you can just approach Manong Manuel or Ed for the rates. Another amenity of the farm would be it’s infinity pool overlooking the busy cities of Talisay, Bacolod and Silay. Imagine how wide your view is and how clear the stars are at night. Food can be served for breakfast,lunch and dinner or you can bring your own food and it’s a choice if you cook it there. But practically food taste really good if you let them cook it for you haha. And if you are bored of hearing the cricket and birds you can take a hike and wander around which is good to do early in the morning. A bike course is also offered by the place and every forest has it’s own river where you’re able to discover while you hike. Basically the words that best describes the place would be “worth it”. Worth it in such a way that spending even a day will make you appreciate the beauty of what nature has left. Worth it because you can see stunning sunsets which you can rarely see on a normal day in the city. Worth it since it’s needed. We tire ourselves too much with work and routines that we suddenly forget to appreciate the good things nature has given us and by going to a place like this, it’s like cleansing your soul to ready yourself for the stress you’ve left in the City. Melba’s Farm is indeed a home minutes away from the City.


Here’s another site below to see the full HD pictures:


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