The Confessions of A Bad Girl

We’ll I have to admit, I’m having fun being bad and doing a lot of bad things that I think was fun. So this is me, I’m obsessed with traveling, slept on the roadside many times, I climb a lot of trees whatever there is to climb on. It’s that moment when you’re at the top of something or maybe someone that gives you the euphoric feeling that makes your stomach turn that you want to puke rainbows. I love to read and write interesting things about the world and the people itself. Read about drugs, sexuality, and even the human organs work with intoxication. I like to meet and talk to strangers because I find them very interesting and I can make my own made up stories if I want to and create fake theories about the world. So here’s me. I’m careless, I’m free and selfless to what the world would think. I want to do what makes me feel good and being bad is a part of I. I know what I’m doing I just don’t talk about it that much. So he’re me. This is me. A wanderer, a music creator, A listener, a friend, a bitch on the beach, a cowboy on the streets, a photobomber, a stranger, a reader, a smoker, an alcohol drink, a train wrecker, a vandalist, a novelist, a puppy lover, a boy player, a quiet nagger, a sport enthusiast, a Japanese biker, an explorer. I don’t like kids much. Dogs and cats die on my watch but I like animals. I don’t like kids but I care for them so much. I sing, I shoot, I laugh, laugh hard. I believe God, I don’t believe in Priests. I believe in preachers. I’m a rebel just like my mother said. So here’s my confession, a bad girl and I don’t have to apologize



Orange Gallery, Bacolod City Philippines. The first time I found my love for art. The room was dark and a certain painting caught my eye. I was amazed, I want to paint pretty red things. But it was hard. I was so stubborn.


My road is my domain.

My carefree tradition. Sleeping on roadsides and pavements. The road never looks nasty to me ever since. The road looks like a bed of cotton ready to sleep at after a long night of drunk conversation and two shots of tequila.


Fumes of smoke passing through rays of sunlight.

I took this picture May of last year. I will never forget the day you left me. I smoke 3 joints

Then I was okay. Then after I’m not so I smoked another. Til all I needed was weed and not you.


Leg day.

Making work extra fun hey there mavin are you having fun?


Book whore

I like books. I like to read them. I buy books more than my clothes

It’s that amusing smell every time you open a new book.

Exciting. Don’t forget the tea and an amazing corner to place your legs comfortably

while reading.

Bad Girl theme song.

I love indie songs or any kind of music that makes you dance and sing when the sun sets or sun rises in the morning.



I’ve been skating for a long time already. It’s been five years of putting my life in danger with this sport but I love so much I had to imprint a lot of bruises and battle scars on my skin.

Not the kind of typical fair skinned woman, unfortunately. Skating is one of my escape from annoying people from the people I don’t want to be with.


Reader and Writer.

Why I love to write?

I get to stab people I hate without harming them or letting them know.

My journal is my world now.  I can write whatever madness is on my mind.

How I’m in love with the person I met and hour ago or how I hated the world and Donald Trumph or politics is vomiting. How excruciating the world is to me. How sad and alone I am. How happy I was running naked in the dark. How I adore the smell of falling flowers.

How my heart got broken and a plan to fix it. My escape plans at 2am.

Why do I love to read?

First of all, reading is exhausting when the content is a useless piece of shit.

One of my favorite books would be the Effects of Drugs and other Substances.

I always loved that book. It tells about different kinds of drugs, pills and chemicals and how

it was used before and reacts in our body. So it gave me a huge curiosity since then.

And yes I tried every single pill I had read from the books but only once. I just want to try it and feel it poisoning my body. Reading is like your unique capability that alters your mind and the book is a portal bringing you to another surface. It makes you imagine images or fills your mind with information.


302468_309938035685074_351420764_n (1)

2010 Young soul Singer.

The three things that I can’t handle losing would be longboarding, writing and singing.

There are the three escape plans I have from having a bad life.

Singing was the oldest talent I have. I love to sing Jazz and Nina Simone was my favorite

My queen. The best jazz singer. She’s was like the Adele in the 60’s only with a very bad character when it comes to people. She was of course never a Saint but a good singer with a bad temper. I love her songs and her strong attitude.




So here’s a confession. I’m sick of being good all the time.

I’m not a saint and definitely not a devil. I don’t feel sorry for

being bad. Nor sorry for confessing.


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